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Blast monitoring system

Our blast monitoring system includes remote blast monitoring stations, called Dynamates®.

The Dynamates® are continuously supervised by a remote software package Dynamaster® installed on ECOTECH’s server and maintained in our Melbourne head office. This server software communicates both with Dynamate® stations and users via the internet.

Blast results are automatically collected from the stations, collated and made avavailable within minutes of the blast. Users view blast results, produce reports and interact with the server software via the Dynamaster® web browser.

With mobile devices that have GPRS, 3G or NextG capability, such as a notebook PC, pocket PC, PDA or mobile phone, blast results can be retrieved from almost anywhere, the office, home or car.

The Dynamaster® server software can send SMS messages and/or emails to authorised recipients when triggered by user specified conditions, for example, an air blast exceedence at a Dynamate® station or a low battery warning.

Instrument components

Battery management module

The battery management module optimizes the management of the battery. It continuously monitors battery temperature, state of charge, available solar power and current power consumption. Using this information, it efficiently manages battery charging operations.

Air blast microphone and windscreen

The air blast microphone (-3dB < 2Hz) is fitted with a proprietary windscreen designed
to dramatically minimise the effect of wind on air blast readings with insignificant affect on the accuracy of the air blast readings.

Triaxial geophone

A triaxial geophone is employed as the ground vibration transducer. (SM6-4.5 Hz or HS-1-LT 2.0 Hz piezo geophone or piezo electric accelerometer )

Sealed lead acid battery

A sealed lead acid (SLA) battery is used to eliminate the effects of spillage and out gassing which are common problems with ‘wet’ batteries. SLA batteries have special charging requirements which are satisfied by the battery management module described above.