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Blast events - Trigger modes

Blast events can be triggered via several methods:

  • Manual - Triggered by Dynamaster® user
  • Threshold - Triggered when airblast or vibration levels exceed user-defined threshold
  • External - Trigger generated by another Dynamate® station or other compatible device
  • Auto - Dynamate® continuously generates event files covering a user-defined time period
  • Integral - This mode allows the user to set a threshold limit, but instead of the event capture being triggered as soon as the threshold is exceeded, the vibration peaks over a user-defined time period are integrate. The software then determines whether it is an actual blast, or a single peak caused by some other phenomenon, such as rock fracturing.

Exceedences (Dust, blast emissions, visibility)

Our wide range of monitoring instruments are designed to instantly detect exceedences of a variety of air pollutants. These instruments connect with ECOTECH's datalogger and reporting software to instantly record and alerting the environmental manager through email, sms or other methods.