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Fence-line monitoring

ECOTECH designs and supplies systems capable of determining the environmental impact from a local source such as a mine or quarry site immediately following a blast.

These systems utilise a variety of vibration monitors, particulate monitors, wind speed and direction sensors and ECOTECH's Data Acquisition System which can calculate the difference between the emission concentration and the downwind emission concentration performing calculations to determine the actual site contribution.

Fence-line monitoring allows mine operators to monitor dust and gas emissions, but more importantly it allows them to pinpoint the sources of this pollution and reduce its impact on surrounding areas.

Fence-line monitoring includes:

  • Wind speed and direction sensors
  • Real-time dust and gas monitoring linked to wind sensors
  • Powerful software that maps pollution concentration, direction and distance (to source)
  • Station data integration allows data from multiple locations to be combined, processed and presented in easy to understand report.